Carol Smith Consulting


Project management

I am available to consult with your organization on project management. Whether it's getting one feature out on time and under budget, or a long-term contract on a larger project, I can help your organization get organized. 

Behavioral interview training

I provide one-on-one coaching, large group training, and customizable length sessions on behavioral interviewing. As a person in tech, you are probably focused on the whiteboard interview. Let me teach you all the other parts. Please see my information on my Behavioral Interviewing Workshops


Open source Communities

If you are interested in getting involved in open source as a first-time contributor, or you are are an organization looking to promote more diversity in your community, I can consult on open source. I am happy to speak to your conference about my career in open source or to consult about building and maintaining your community. 

Career coaching and mentoring

I am also available to consult on career coaching or mentoring. I can work with you on a specific career topic you'd like addressed, or I can provide general guidance.